Can a Divorced Wife Sue for More Alimony?

Answer Alimony, sometimes called "spousal support," is money a husband pays to his former wife after a divorce. A wife receives alimony separate from child support and property division funds. Judges usua... Read More »

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Are dog the bounty hunter and his wife Beth divorced?

Should your divorced wife change her last name?

On One Hand: A Woman's RightIt is a right, not a requirement for a woman to change her last name after a divorce. She has the option of keeping her married name. Many women find it convenient to ke... Read More »

Jay and Mavis Leno are divorced but Jay mentioned his wife on the show just last week as if he was currently married - who is he referring to?

They are not divorced. They have been married for years and he has always referred to her as his wife (Mavis Nicholson - November 30 1980 - present).

How do I convince my aunt to visit me My uncle n her divorced years ago n they still see each other but I miss her so much and I want her to see me more often n i want to spend more time with her?

Just tell Her that you miss her and that you want her to come someday ....