Can a Disabled Person on SSI File for Taxes?

Answer One aspect of tax law that creates a great deal of confusion is the categorization of income. Often, tax filers are confused about which income is taxable and which is not, as well as the various r... Read More »

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How to File Taxes for a Deceased Person?

It's said that the only sure things are death and taxes, but even death doesn't save a person from having to pay taxes. If you're executing a deceased person's estate, your responsibilities include... Read More »

Can a married person file taxes as single?

A married person can only file taxes as single if he is legally separated from his spouse. However, two married persons can still file taxes separately. This is known as "married filing separately.... Read More »

Can a retired person donate a car and file for taxes?

Vehicle donations made by a retiree may still reduce taxable income for the year in which the donation was completed. A person's retirement status in no way excludes him from taking advantage of le... Read More »

Life of a disabled person who helped another disabled person?