Can a Dell optiplex 755 SFF use a HD 6670 GDDR5 Low Profile?

Answer Yes, it can do that!Good luck!

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Can i run 6670 1gb gddr5?

yes, it will work fine, just make sure you have PCI Express 16x slot on your motherboard6670 HD is not a high end card, so it doesn't really require lot of power, so you should be fine with that PSU

Can the Dell Optiplex 170L CPU fan fit in a Dell Dimension 3000?

The Dell Optiplex CPU Fan is a Dell K0456 Fan Assembly. This fan is compatible with the Dell Dimension 3000 as well as the Dimension B110, 1100, 2400, 4600, 4700 and the Optiplex 160L computers.Re... Read More »

Can i run ati 6670 ddr5 1gb in dell opteplex 755 it has 305watts power supply?

I just answered a very similar question.;…By stating 305W, I know you have the minitower.… Read More »

How to Put Together a Dell Optiplex 760?

Putting together a computer you have to have all the components to allow it to function properly. You must also ensure that all components and wires are secured tightly and snug.