Can a Defaulted Car Loan Garnish a Salary?

Answer Before purchasing an automobile, it is important to budget wisely and make sure you will be able to afford the monthly payments. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise and without the a... Read More »

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I have a private student loan taken out from a bank (T.E.R.I) loan and I defaulted on 2 of the loans?

Private loans have no such rehab options that you are asking about. The rehab options are only available for federal loans. This is why private loans are evil. If you were to die or become disabl... Read More »

What Is a Defaulted Loan?

A loan is an enforceable contract and, like any contract, must be honored to avoid breach. When a loan account is in default, the borrower is in breach of the loan agreement. It is an unfavorable s... Read More »

Defaulted student loan?

They will lien on the title of your father house , you can not sell it until you pay off, i would suggest that you negotiate w/ them cut down the amount that you own them ( like "stupid fees" invol... Read More »

How to Get out from Under a Defaulted Student Loan?

A Federal Government program exists to get current on a defaulted Student Loan without having to make several months of payments at a high rate. You can consolidate into a "Direct Loan" with an inc... Read More »