Can a Daddy Longlegs Spider Bite a Human?

Answer Daddy longlegs spiders are from the Pholcidae family of arachnids. Commonly found outside or in the dark corners of homes, daddy longlegs are often nicknamed the cellar spiders. Although these spid... Read More »

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What is another name for a daddy longlegs?

The name daddy longlegs is often applied to three creatures: Pholcus phalangioides, also called the cellar spider; Phalangium opilio, or the harvestman, a relative of the spider; and the crane fly.... Read More »

Do daddy longlegs eat leaves?

Daddy longlegs, also called harvestmen, are an arachnid but not a true spider. Besides physical features, their diet differs from true spiders. Harvestmen eat other spiders, insects and decaying de... Read More »

What is the biggest daddy longlegs?

The biggest species of daddy longlegs is called Trogulus torosus. According to the website Zip Code Zoo, the leg span of Trogulus torosus can be over six inches. Its body is 22 mm or 0.87 inches lo... Read More »

Is a daddy longlegs venomous?

There are two different kinds of spider commonly identified as daddy longlegs, one the order Opiliones and the other the family Pholcidae. Of these two, the proper daddy longlegs (Opiliones), which... Read More »