Can a DWI prevent a couple from adopting a child?

Answer yes why not

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Can an Underage mother whod wants to put baby up for adoption prevent the underaged father from adopting?

I Know Of Something Similar To This Happening About A Year And A Half Ago.The Father Wanted The Baby And The Mother Did Not, However, They Were Not Underage.But Wether You Are Underage Or Not Doesn... Read More »

How much does adopting a child cost?

The least Expensive Type of Adopting is From the U.S Foster Care. Because it pays a least expense. International Adoption= $7,000 to $30,000 Depending on her/his needs. Agency and private adoptio... Read More »

Adopting an immigrant child in the US?

how do i go on about getting a resident order

What is involved in adopting a child?

Possibly, if he sues for paternity and wins.