Can a DVD recorder record TV programs?

Answer DVD recorders are able to record television programs. If your recorder has a tuner, you can record directly using the coaxial cable. If your recorder does not have a tuner, connect it to an externa... Read More »

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Can you record programs from Dish Network with a DVD recorder and how do you hook it up?

Yes, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your dish network receiver box to your DVD recorder or the normal AV cables. However, HDMI is perfectly advisable to use.

My LG LRY 517 DVD Recorder Won't Record?

The LRY 517 is a set-top DVD recorder designed and manufactured by LG. Think of it as a VCR, only with DVDs--you can hook it up to your television and use it to record pristine, digital copies of a... Read More »

How to Record From the DirecTV Box to a DVD Recorder?

The most difficult part of recording from a DIRECTV box to a DVD recorder is connecting the DIRECTV box to the DVD recorder, but even this is not all that complicated. Once hooked up, you will not ... Read More »

How to Record VHS Tapes to a DVD Recorder?

Most of us have a box in our basement or attic full of old VHS tapes. After watching the same tape over and over again the picture and the sound quality will begin to decrease. This is because tape... Read More »