Can a DSL router be plugged into any phone line?

Answer A DSL router can be plugged into any phone line that is within 18,000 line feet of a central exchange. A DSL connection provides an effective connection to the Internet. The phone line for remains ... Read More »

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Why is my tv digi box dialing up[when the phone line is never plugged in! as have no need]?

The digi-boxes that plug into the phone line get software updates down the phone line, so it may be checking for updates.But that's a minor reason why they are connected to the phone line, the real... Read More »

Can an Internet router be used for a phone line?

It is not possible to use an Internet router for a phone line. A router is a device that connects two networks, usually through an Ethernet cable. Routers do not have jacks for phone lines.Referenc... Read More »

Can the voip modem be plugged into the router instead of the other way around?

No that won't work. The modem is needed to change the internet line from the wall into ethernet cable that goes to your router.

How does a phone line work How does my voice travel along metal Does the phone line use electricity?

Should keep you going for 5 mins!!Telephone:This article is about telephone technology. For the game of telephone, see Telephone (game). For the band, see T鬩phone.The telephone or phone (Greek: t... Read More »