Can a Cup of Water in a 10 Gallon Tank Hurt the Engine?

Answer A full cup of water or less can hurt any car's engine. While some very small amounts of water may find its way into fuel tanks naturally, any more water than this will cause a car serious problems.... Read More »

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How far can you go in a 56-foot boat on a 7.4l engine with a 148-gallon gas tank?

Boat fuel consumption is in "gallons per hour," not "miles per gallon." The 350 horsepower 7.4L engine burns about 23 gallons of fuel an hour. If your 56-foot boat's gas tank holds 148 gallons, tha... Read More »

How much water is in a 50-gallon pressure tank?

At 50 psi, a 10-gallon pressure tank will hold about 7 gallons of water (the other 3 gallons are air). Based on this ratio, a 50-gallon pressure tank will hold a maximum of about 35 gallons of wate... Read More »

Does water in a gas tank hurt the car?

Water in a gas tank will often hinder the car's performance by making its movements rough or sluggish. The car may not even run if there is an abundance of water present in the tank. In the long ru... Read More »

How many pounds of live rock are needed for a 37 gallon salt water tank?

According to liverockusa, your aquarium will require anywhere from 1.5 lbs to 2.0 lbs of live rock per gallon of water. So for a 37 gallon tank your going to need from 55.5 lbs. to 74 lbs. of live ... Read More »