Can a Catholic baby have two Godmothers and a Godfather?

Answer Not normally, but I would talk to my priest about it because I'm sure that it's possible.Canon law states one godparent of each sex but not two of the same sex. If you want two godmothers, only one... Read More »

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Christening Etiquette for Godmothers?

Being asked to be a godmother is a huge honor and is a wonderful way to bond with the newest baby in your family or circle of close friends. As the godmother, you should be aware of certain rules o... Read More »

What legal rights does a godfather have should the single parent of an adopted child die?

None. Unless the godfather is in the will as the person who will be given the child if the parent dies, there are no rights. If the will does not otherwise specify how to handle the child, and you... Read More »

Should a non-Catholic be buried with Catholic rosary beads?

On One Hand: A Matter of PreferenceA rosary is a string of beads, at the end of which is a crucifix. It has been used for centuries by Catholics, and more recently even Protestants, to track their ... Read More »

Why do you have to have an annulment for a catholic marriage?

Second marriages can be a difficult issue for Catholics. Marriage is a sacrament. Going through that sacrament a second time takes more than just saying the first time didn't work out.A Marriage is... Read More »