Can a Car Dealer Charge Late Charges After You Have Paid It Off?

Answer If you're paying a car dealership for your car loan, you purchased from a buy-here, pay-here lot. Otherwise, you would pay a bank or credit union for monthly payments and late charges. If the deale... Read More »

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Can a car dealer hit you for charges after they inspect the lease return?

On One Hand: Dealer Cannot Charge for Some ItemsEach lease contains different terms and allows for a different set of post-lease charges. A dealer cannot charge for items not covered in the lease t... Read More »

How late does child support have to be to file contempt of court charges?

There are no specific regulations, but after 30 days simply notify child support enforcement. Contempt of court is not for non-payment, it's for not providing a valid reason for it to the court, or... Read More »

When Pizza hut charges a "Delivery Charge" Does that go to the driver?

yes, drivers get paid in cash at the end of the night.

When car is non-moving for 2 to 3 months what auto insurances charges to be paid?

Answer It is relevent to your state and also to your loan or lease co., if there is one. Call your agent. In MA in order to cancle the insurance for any amount of time you must turn in the plates... Read More »