Can a Car Be Dried Out After Stalling in Water?

Answer Automobiles, like many forms of life on Earth, long ago left the oceans for drier climes; and like most others evolved to land, autos aren't particularly keen on going back to the depths. Whether o... Read More »

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I dropped my camera in water it wont turn on and i dried it what should i do help?

You shouldn't turn it on at first. First of all you should dry it first for like a day or two then turn it on. If that doesn't work then it must have short circut. I suggest you get a new camera.

Why do dried prunes swell when soaked in pure water?

Prunes are dried plums. They have a wrinkly texture and a stone on the inside. They are used in both sweet and savory cooking, from cakes to stews, all over the world.FeaturesPlums are either left ... Read More »

How to Remove Dried Water Base Paint From Clothing?

Painting is a messy job, and paint splatters are bound to happen. You can remove dried water-based paint from clothes, but the longer the paint stain is left untreated, the more difficult the stain... Read More »

How much water do you add to Mountain House freeze-dried foods?

The freeze-dried foods available from Mountain House vary in the amount of water required for each package. Individual entrees need 1½ cups boiling water while double entrees take 2 cups. Vegetabl... Read More »