Can a Car Battery That Has Died From the Cold Gain Juice in Warmer Weather?

Answer Car batteries do not mysteriously discharge in cold weather, even in extreme conditions, nor do they mysteriously recharge when they are warmed up. Increasing the ambient temperature, however, can ... Read More »

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Car Battery Problems in Cold Weather?

Car batteries need to be strong enough to start frozen engines and run heating systems. The cold can degrade high-quality batteries and render low-quality batteries useless. Keeping your car well-m... Read More »

Cold Weather Gloves That Use Smart Wool?

Smart Wool uses merino wool from New Zealand and its proprietary wool fiber treatment to create gloves and other accessories that are durable, breathable, absorbent and not itchy. Smart Wool gloves... Read More »

How to Protect Your Pug Dog From Cold Weather?

Pugs are squished-face adorable little dogs thought to come from China because of the resemblance to the Pekingese. Pugs are not very active, therefore, these toy dogs are great for apartment livin... Read More »

Can a digital camera be broken from cold weather?

Yes, cold weather can damage or break a camera. In cold weather, place your camera in a plastic bag and keep it near your body. Keep moisture away from your camera, since it will cause damage. Afte... Read More »