Can a Canadian citizen have a dual citizenship with the U.S.?

Answer A Canadian citizen can have dual citizenship with the United States. Both the U.S. Department of State and Citizenship and Immigration of Canada recognize dual citizenship. Canadian citizenship law... Read More »

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Can a Canadian citizen hold a dual Canadian-American citizenship?

A Canadian citizen can hold a dual American-Canadian citizenship. The dual citizen must obey the laws of both countries. The United States requires the use of a U.S. passport to enter the country.S... Read More »

Can an American get Canadian dual citizenship by marrying a Canadian?

Can a U.S. citizen become an E.U. citizen and have dual citizenship?

Although it is discouraged, a U.S. citizen can obtain dual citizenship with most European countries. A U.S. citizen can lose his citizenship if he does not follow U.S. laws, voluntarily renounces h... Read More »

How to Get Canadian Citizenship When You Are an American Citizen?

American citizens can apply for Canadian citizenship if they meet all the necessary requirements to do so. To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must be 18 years old and have permanent resident st... Read More »