Can a Bonsai Tree Die?

Answer Bonsai trees are prized for their small size, artistic shapes and longevity; the ability of a bonsai tree to live for a century or more makes a well-cared for tree an heirloom plant. However, there... Read More »

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How do I trim a bonsai tree?

Finger PruningGrasp the branch of the bonsai with one hand. Use your forefinger and thumb of the other hand to twist away new growth. Finger pruning allows the tree to heal with a more natural look... Read More »

Bonsai Tree Instructions?

Bonsai means plant in a pot, or growing and shaping a miniature tree. The art form originated in China. Buddhist monks introduced bonsai to Japan, where it became popular with gardeners. Home garde... Read More »

How to Draw a Bonsai Tree?

A real bonsai treeTranslated, Bonsai means "plantings in tray," as bon means a tray or a low-sided pot and sai, plantings.With these easy steps, learn to draw a simple bonsai tree. Simply put, you'... Read More »

What is a bonsai tree?

For more details and information, please see related link below.Answera Bonsai tree is one where you train it with wires to have twisted branches and trunks and are kept in a "miniature" state. The... Read More »