Can a BlackBerry be used with Rhapsody?

Answer As of April 2010, a Rhapsody application is not yet available for use with BlackBerry phones. However, according to the official Rhapsody website, a BlackBerry application will become "available [i... Read More »

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Will Rhapsody work with Blackberry?

Rhapsody does not work with any BlackBerry smartphone. As of July 2010, there is not an official Rhapsody application for the BlackBerry smartphone platform. According to the Rhapsody Website, a Bl... Read More »

Does Rhapsody music work on the BlackBerry?

Yes. Rhapsody song service and downloads are compatible with BlackBerry products. However, many users have experienced technical glitches with Rhapsody software while trying to transfer or sync mus... Read More »

Can the BlackBerry Storm be used with AT&T?

The BlackBerry Storm is configured to work only with Verizon. As with most cell phones, however, there are ways to "unlock" the Storm. Unlocking allows you to insert a SIM card from a different car... Read More »

How to Use Rhapsody With Verizon?

Rhapsody is a digital music service that provides users with a large catalog of songs to download to a computer or other music-capable device. Verizon Wireless offers access to Rhapsody through its... Read More »