Can a Bent Rear Rim Cause a Car to Pull?

Answer Wheel rims need to be as perfectly round as possible when machined so the vehicle can have a smooth, comfortable ride. Any defect or bend in any of the rims can cause various other problems with th... Read More »

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Can you substitute bent rows for pull-ups?

Although bent-over rows and pull-ups are weight exercises for the back, they are different enough that one shouldn't be used to the exclusion of the other. Pull-ups mainly work your outer and inne... Read More »

Can Bent Rims Cause Car Vibrations?

Bent rims are among several things that can cause vibrations in a car. They can also be difficult to detect. It's important to verify that the vibrations are caused by bent rims on the wheels rathe... Read More »

Will lateral pull downs and bent over rows stunt my growth and/or damage my ligaments,bones,tendons?

As with any exercise regimen you will need to start out in moderation. You should do things like stretches and jogging along with this type of training. Make sure you eat and drink correctly beca... Read More »

Can a Slightly Bent Wheel Rim Cause a Car to Vibrate?

Vehicle vibrations can be caused by wheel and tire problems and by mechanical conditions. About 90 percent of speed-sensitive vibrations are traced to an out-of-balance wheel/tire assembly. Serious... Read More »