Can a AGP x8 graphic card work on a PCI-E x8 slot?

Answer No they have different slots and will not interchange.Go here and take a look for a picture view of the differences and why they won't interchange with one another. Read More »

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Can a pci slot use a pci express graphic card?

No. Thy are two totally different types of connections. It was a mistake to use PCI in describing the new form factor. An nVidia FX6200 PCI 128MB card will serve you well. Read More »

How to Install a PCI Graphic Card Slot in My Dell Mini Tower?

Dell makes several desktops that use smaller-than-average cases called mini-towers. Although the desktop case is much smaller than your typical case, the motherboard contains an expansion slot that... Read More »

Can i install a PCI express 2.0 compatible graphic card into my PCI Express 1.0 slot?

provided that you are talking about a VERSION 1 pci express x16 slot? yes. they are backwards compatible

Will a 64 bit video card work in a 32 bit pci slot?

64-bit PCI cards are generally longer than 32-bit cards. As long as there is room for the card to be physically inserted, 64-bit PCI cards generally work in 32-bit PCI slots. However, the maximum p... Read More »