Can a AGP x8 graphic card work on a PCI-E x8 slot?

Answer No they have different slots and will not interchange.Go here and take a look for a picture view of the differences and why they won't interchange with one another. Read More »

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Can a pci slot use a pci express graphic card?

No. Thy are two totally different types of connections. It was a mistake to use PCI in describing the new form factor. An nVidia FX6200 PCI 128MB card will serve you well. Read More »

How to Install a PCI Graphic Card Slot in My Dell Mini Tower?

Dell makes several desktops that use smaller-than-average cases called mini-towers. Although the desktop case is much smaller than your typical case, the motherboard contains an expansion slot that... Read More »

Can i install a PCI express 2.0 compatible graphic card into my PCI Express 1.0 slot?

provided that you are talking about a VERSION 1 pci express x16 slot? yes. they are backwards compatible

Will a pci e 2.1 gfx card work in a pci e 3.0 slot on a mobo?

yes.pcie 3.0 is backwards compatible.this means it works with pcie 2.1,2.0,etc.pcie 3.0 gfx cards also work in pcie 2.0 slots,and there is no difference currently between using in 3.0 or 2.0,becaus... Read More »