Can a 70-year old woman who has been over-medicated ever recover?

Answer On One Hand: Previous Health of Individual RelevantOverall health of overmedicated patients may affect recovery and toleration of side effects. According to the FDA Consumer Digest, some healthy ol... Read More »

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Are children in foster care over medicated?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.I was a foster kid and I was medicated on psychiatric medications that at the time had not even been approved for children. Every kid I knew was on something for the following ... Read More »

You are on your Aunts title to her condo. She passed away last year-no assets. Mtg. has not been paid in over a year. Do I have any responsibility for the mortgage since I'm only on the title?

Your name on the title implies that you own the condominium. Unless during the probate of her estate, there was a different disposition of the property, you own it. Not only are you responsible for... Read More »

I am a 53 year old woman who throws up my food after every supper. I've been doing this for a month to lose?

Last year an accidental fire stated in your kitchen you lost all of your possessions and did not have renters insurance Its been over a year now and you just received a letter from a collection agency?

Many people travel overseas or maker air travel for getting free medical care. They would even want to have babies overseas to attain foreign citizenship for their babies. Having travel insurance o... Read More »