Can a 7 year old girl sit in a booster seat?

Answer Most seven year old girls should still be in a booster seat. So yes, she can, especially if the parent does not feel comfortable with letting her out of it yet.

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Can a two year old use a booster seat?

It's reconended that you use a booster seat up until the age of 5 ears old, or until you're tall enough, but technocally, it is for your parents to decide.

Can my 6 year old grandaughter sit in front seat with booster?

Does the front seat have an airbag? If it does can the airbag be disabled? If there is an airbag that can't be shut off then NO she can't sit in the front seat. I don't know UK law, but I do know s... Read More »

How heavy do you have to be to ride in a passenger seat without a booster seat?

This question is being asked over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. The law in all states is different. Some states give an age, some states give a height and weight formula. YOU will ... Read More »

What age can children ride in the front seat with a booster seat?