Can a 6 year old take part of an extra strength tylenol?

Answer On One Hand: Extra Strength Tylenol Isn't For KidsAdministering even a partial dose of Extra Strength Tylenol to a child is dangerous. Overdosing can lead to liver damage and death. One Extra Stren... Read More »

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Can a fifteen year old use Tylenol Extra Strength?

Body weight is what counts more than age. At 15, you're probably pretty much at adult weight, so you can follow the instructions for adults unless they say otherwise.

Will taking 8 extra strength tylenol hurt you?

Nah, you'll just get a really bad headache (instead of relief), maybe a panic attack/anxiety attack if you listen to all the bullshit people here will tell you. And the worst part is the stomach a... Read More »

What is a safe dose of Extra Strength Tylenol?

Two at a time every 4 hours, but I found that Excedrin does much better for tooth aches.

I mixed benedryl, ibuprofen, tylenol extra strength/PM, nyquil, and alcohol?

The U.S. National Poison Control phone number is 1-800-222-1222.Without knowing how much of what you took, I can't say for sure that you'll be OK. Please call that phone number. This is what they... Read More »