Can a 500w psu handle this?

Answer Yeah, easily.

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Is a 500w PSU enough for a EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti?

Summary: The power supply is well below the NVidia's system requirement of 31A on 12V for GTX 560 ti reference circuits. Although it MIGHT work. You violate NVidia's specs. Details follow:- - -Ther... Read More »

Diamond HD 6570 with 500W PSU?…Here, cypher it out for is called a PSU calculator…@frost....First of all iaw the above link the ... Read More »

Will a 500w power supply be enough?

Yes. It will be enough because you have only an one 6pin power connector on 550 Ti. And your motherboard also needs only small amount of power. But if you have more than 1 hard drive or optical dri... Read More »

How should I handle this?

I have that problem as well. Just think about something that is sensitive to you and think how you would want a person to react to that. Then react that way to that person.