Can a 40+ man learn a new language or computer programming?

Answer Yes, but getting an entry level programmer's job could be difficult, however you can register at freelance programmer website like and bid for all projects posted the... Read More »

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How to Learn a Programming Language?

Whether you want to design a video game, app , or just want to do it for fun, programming is your friend. Here's how to learn a programming language.

I wanna learn a programming language....?

You can start with C++. Here are some very easy video tutorials that take you from the beginning (getting a compiler) through much of the language:…Install... Read More »

Which programming language is the hardest to learn?

There is no programming language that is hard to learn, but I know how to make learning programming language easy. You must not only read books on that language, but also try writing programmes eve... Read More »

What programming language should I learn?

Programming is a great talent to learn as you can put your computer skills to life and build real life applications, let me tell you what each language does:Java is a good place to start, but I do ... Read More »