Can a 36 hour old laceration be closed If not what do you do?

Answer It can be approximated with steristrips that you can buy over the counter. Wash it with soap and water, use iodine if needed,but stay away from alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Both of those can dama... Read More »

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Staring at the sun through closed eyes for up to an hour: is it damaging?

You can stare at the sun with your eyes open too and not cause permanent damage. (Just not during an eclipse.)

Lip laceration surgery?

a plastic surgeon.some ENT (ears nose and throat) doctors might lookout it. but you'd probably have better luck with a plastic.

How to Take Care of a Facial Laceration?

Cuts on the face usually heal quickly, especially for young adults and children. But even so, they need special care to reduce scarring. The following directions are for those with large deep cuts ... Read More »

How to Make a Laceration With Makeup?

Scary Halloween costumes require blood and gore, and especially lacerations. Scare your friends and trick-or-treaters by having an oozing bloody cut on your arm, chest or face. Making your own fake... Read More »