Can a 3-year-old be bulimic?

Answer Stephen Joseph Pelzer, and he died in 1980

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Can I be bulimic for a week?

Your teeth will wear down due to the acid in your vomit.Just cut down on your calorie intake to 500 and exercise for about an hour and you'll be fine. Eat fruit and vegetables and lots of water. I ... Read More »

I'm Thinking of Turning Bulimic?

you do know bulimia nervosa is a DISEASE right?and anyone who purges their food should be ashamed of themselves. there are starving children in africa and you are abusing food?! shame on you!

I want to learn to be bulimic...?

Dumbest thing I've ever heard. Ever heard of eating right and good exercise? That won't help you lose weight in 4-5 days obviously but it will be a better habbit than being bulimic. It'll ruin your... Read More »

Is it right for a dude to be bulimic?

There are more men with eating disorders than people realize. Men are thought to make up around 1 million out of the 8 million people suffering with eating disorders. I think more men tend to hav... Read More »