Can a 25 year old person be on their parents' auto insurance?

Answer Answer Sure, if your parents will want you attached to their policy, and if you are living with them.

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How can a 16-year-old get auto insurance if not through their parents or older siblings?

Answer They can't. Minors cannot enter into contracts, insurance or otherwise.

Can a minor in the state of Georgia have their own auto insurance policies or do they have to be placed on their parents' insurance?

Insurance under 18 Yes, you can but its best to be under you parents policy... Since the price will be "Very High" since your under 18.

Can a person back pay non-owners auto insurance so they can show proof of insurance to retain their drivers license and how do they go about it?

Answer There is no retro active insurance. If someone is not insured at the time of the accident any penalties/legal actions are valid.

How do I add another person to auto insurance?

Contact Your Insurance CompanyCall or stop in to your insurance company to let them know your intentions. Your insurance company will ask you a variety of questions, such as your relationship to th... Read More »