Can a 17 year old own a business?

Answer A 17-year-old can own a business but it helps to have a parent, guardian or someone over the age of 18 to assist with signing contracts, getting loans and other important aspects of owning a busine... Read More »

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What is the difference between fiscal year&calendar year for a business?

The two main accounting periods businesses use are the fiscal year and the calendar year. For owners of new businesses, choosing how to define their annual accounting period can have substantial ta... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Fiscal Year & Calendar Year for a Business?

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes two types of tax years for businesses that are filing income tax returns: a calendar year and a fiscal year.

What is a business that a 13 year old can start?

Grocery Shopping service for the elderly and the sick?

4 Year Business Colleges?

Finances, grades and career aspirations all play major roles in choosing a four-year business college. "U.S. News and World Report," "Business Week" and "Wall Street Journal" all publish annual lis... Read More »