Can a 17 year old in Delaware get their own car insurance for their car?

Answer Should be able to contact Delaware's dept of insurance, or an agent they will be able to tell you for sure.

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What Is the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in Delaware?

Driving without insurance in Delaware is a serious offense that can lead to a heavy fine and possibly the revocation of your driver's license for a long period of time. All drivers in Delaware must... Read More »

When starting an llc in delaware does the business need to reside in delaware?

A Limited Liability Company established in Delaware must conduct professional activity within that state. The company must hold and maintain both a Delaware business license and a registered office... Read More »

During the year your wife had insurance and later in the year you got insurance as well who would be primary?

Till such time that you got your own insurance, your wife's policy will cover you as her dependant. But now that you have your own policy, yours will be the primary.

About how much will basic insurance cost for a 30 year old male once the new Insurance system is in place?

It is hard to say. I believe that a lot of it depends upon the number of people in ones state who cannot afford insurance will cause those who do work to have to kick more into the pool to support... Read More »