Can a 17 year old drink alcohol in a pub with parents there?

Answer Under 16’s Can go into a restaurant where alcohol is served and at licensee’s discretion may consume (but not purchase) alcohol bought by a parent or guardian as long as it is with a meal. 16-1... Read More »

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Were under 20 year old and over 18 allowed to drink alcohol in the 70s in NZ in a bar with there parents or spouse?

Should parents let children under 15 drink alcohol?

I respect both sides of the argument. However, if it were my child, I would hope that I raised them properly so that they would not see the need to drink socially, nor want to drink to excess.When ... Read More »

Would a 20-year-old get into trouble for getting a 15-year-old pregnant if her parents are no longer in the picture and his parents are ok with being together?

Answer I know of no State in the USA that allows 15 year olds to make decisions such as sex, marriage and the like.Go to this site and find out for yourself. It is a Felony to have sexual relation... Read More »

Why won't parents allow their kids to drink coffee, but let them drink-Coke etc.,laced with caffeine?

Better question is why do they let the kids drink "energy" drinks that are loaded with more caffeine than coffee? It may be that the myth of coffee stunting your growth is still going strong, thoug... Read More »