Can a 17 year old be home alone for a week in Illinois?

Answer it all depends, do you trust them?

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Legal age to let kids stay home alone in Illinois?

The law reads, "Any minor under the age of 14 years whose parent or other person responsible for the minor's welfare leaves the minor without supervision for an unreasonable period of time without ... Read More »

Can a seventeen year old watch her younger sibling alone for 1 week?

Tickling can be fun for some, but not others. It kind of depends on who is the ticklee, and who is the tickler. Also other things matters such as:How well does the 2 know eachother?How ticklish IS ... Read More »

Could a parent get into legal trouble if let a child under 13 stay home alone in Illinois?

While many locales have set up safe places to drop off babies who would otherwise be abandoned, the intent was not to provide the same option for older children.

What is the legal age to leave a child home alone for a week in Hawaii?

Answer For your own sakes leaving any child that is a minor alone in your home for a week is asking for trouble. Even if your own child is good and fairly mature their friends will soon figure out ... Read More »