Can a 17 year old and a 15 year old be sexually active in Kansas?

Answer Not without breaking the law. Kansas prohibits sexual activity under the age of 16.

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Does a parent that has guardianship over their 19 year old daughter have the right to make her take a test to see if she is sexually active?

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What to do about a 9 year old who sexually abused a 3 year old?

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Can an 16 year old boy have sex with an 18 year old boy in the state of kansas?

16 is the age of consent in Kansas. The parents can still have issue with it, but the state does not usually get involved unless they make a complaint. There is still the issue of a minor and an ad... Read More »

My 33 year old cousin sexually harrassed me?

This isn't a forum for getting help on this subject but please click on my user name below (HisPowr4U) and you can send me a message on my message board and I will answer you. You can call 1-888-PR... Read More »