Can a 16 year old get guardianship over siblings?

Answer Correy Stoner and Jamiee Stoner

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Does a parent that has guardianship over their 19 year old daughter have the right to make her take a test to see if she is sexually active?

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What happens when two siblings are fighting for guardianship of a parent?

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How to Get Guardianship Over a Teen?

Any person under the age of 18 is considered a minor and is therefore eligible for guardianship. A guardian has legal rights and responsibilities to the minor and her assets. Anyone over the age of... Read More »

How to Get Guardianship Over Your Grandchildren?

Many grandparents are unsung heroes and heroines, taking care of grandchildren who otherwise might have to be taken into the state's care. Grandparents become caregivers for a variety of reasons. T... Read More »