Can a 16-year-old female in Illinois legally live with a friend if there is verbal and mental abuse at home?

Answer Answer There should be no problem as long as all the adults in the picture agree for you to do this. Continue to go to school and work and you will do well.

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How often does verbal&mental abuse turn into physical abuse?

On One Hand: Emotional Abuse is Strong Indicator of ViolenceMeasuring the frequency that abuse turns violent is difficult, as up to half of abuse is unreported. However, the chief indicators of fut... Read More »

Illinois Labor Laws & Verbal Abuse?

While there are no laws in Illinois prohibiting your boss or coworker from being obnoxious or overbearing, verbal abuse can rise to a form of harassment if it's sexually, racially or gender motivat... Read More »

What to do about a siblings verbal abuse of 80 year old mother?

Being a caregiver for especially an ill elderly person can cause insurmountable stress and it is up to the family to calm themselves down in order to do what is best for their mother. If you have h... Read More »

Is there a way you can have your wife removed from the house for verbal abuse towards your children if you do not live there and cannot stand to see what is happening to them?

Answer Sorry to say this but your hands are tied until you bring her to court and have the children evaluated which could they quite some time. I am assuming you have not been awarded custody of ... Read More »