Can a 16 year old drive another minor or sibling?

Answer Antoine Lavoisier is known to not have any siblings, though other websites may argue differently.

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Is older adult sibling in his or her twenties morally obligated to raise the younger minor sibling if both parents die and no one else is there to take care of minor sibling?

YES! If the adult sibling doesn't, the person can be seen as heartless by others, and they should be mentally evaluated -- they may have a mental disorder.

Can a parent get in trouble for allowing a 16 year old child to travel to another state for a vacation with an 18 year old sibling but no parents?

Seeing the question without details your a female with a lot or a few of female friends and your little brother is in love with all of them. Well; don't be alarmed he is way to young to know whats ... Read More »

Can a 16 year old drive a minor?

no. he has what is called a provisional license. for the first 12 months he can't drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am and he can't have any passengers under the age of 20 unless accompanied b... Read More »

Can one sibling keep the whereabouts of their dead father from another sibling?

Yes, a sibling who is either keeping a secret about the deceased father to try and perhaps protect you or is just simply nasty about telling you can keep the whereabouts of where your deceased fath... Read More »