Can a 16-year-old choose to live with his non custodial parent in Iowa?

Answer It is hard to choose who to move in with Once you are 14 years of age you can choose if you want to live with your mother or your father. you have to talk to a judge about it so they can make it le... Read More »

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What could happen if a 16-year-old leaves the custodial parent's house without permission to live with the non-custodial parent?

Answer A lot of problems is what happens. The slighted parent can call the police to have the minor returned, the other parent can be in trouble for allowing the minor to move in when it is a vio... Read More »

What would be valid reasons for a court allowing a 17-year-old to live with a non-custodial parent after the custodial parent has already been court appointed?

Answer If the environment that the minor is currently living in is unsuitable to the extent that the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the minor is being jeopardized.Such an assessment... Read More »

What age can a minor child choose to live with the non custodial parent in New Jersey?

the normally age in the U.S is 15 years of age this in true for most states on the eastern coast

Can a minor child move back in to the non custodial parent's home if they do not want to live with the court appointed custodial parent?

Answer Not without the child and the second parent violating the custody order. The child can petition the court but there has to be a valid reason for wanting the move.Minor children are not all... Read More »