Can a 16 year old choose parental custody?

Answer you can choose to leave your parents (abandonment) or you could take it to course for what offense they have committed to you. a 16yr old cant make the choice only the court can Presuming the qu... Read More »

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Can a 13 year old decide parental custody in California?

If a 16-year-old gets married without parental permission could her parents take custody of their grandchild away from her?

The only way a 16 year old can get married is if they have parental permission or a court order. √ā¬†AnswerMaybe. (If you are the grandparent, I suggest you help her in anyway you can. I got married ... Read More »

What is the process in Tennessee of losing all parental rights after the final custody hearing in which the parent was not ready to take custody of the infant?

Answer There must be extreme circumstances before a court will permanently revoke parental rights. For instance in cases of minor children having children the court will generally award temporary c... Read More »

Can a 16 year old in Texas choose to live with his single father if remarried mom has custody?

not a minor yes once your 16 or older you can make your own choice but you have to confirm it with the court first