Can a 16 year old buy a pack of beer at a liquor store in london?

Answer Not from a major shot like tesco, sainsburys, asda ect but a corner shop full of indians maybe if you make sure you dont make a big deal of it

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How much is red stripe beer in the USA by the six pack out of a regular store please..?

A 6 pack of Red Stripe is anywhere from $8 to $10.

I don't like beer, but I like liquor. Want to open up to beer. What's a good starter?

I don't know much about beer, but stay away from everything you see in commercials and expect to pay $$$ for beer that doesn't taste like piss

Beer, wine or liquor?

Beer. Occasionally liquor (tequila usually, sometimes rum, vodka every once in a while). Never wine.

Beer or Liquor... which do you choose?

I prefer liquor, whiskey. Usually crown royal or evan williams.In beer, I prefer budweiser.