Can a 16-year-old be forced to live with his father without the child's consent?

Answer Answer yes

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Does your 16 year old daughter have to have consent from her biological father for her step father to adopt her?

I think that if you don't want to live with your mom you should have a good reason, i mean you're 17 already, you are almost an adult you should already know whats good and bad for you. If you are ... Read More »

Can a pregnant 16-year-old be forced to sign her parental rights over to the 16-year-old father of the child and his parents?

AnswerDon't let anyone tell you that you can't keep your baby because you can! There is nothing that he can do to stop you from keeping your baby! I wish you all the best of luck in the world:) ... Read More »

Can a mother have her child live with a relative without the father's consent?

There are factors such as marital status, custody or existing court orders to think about. There is also a difference between lack of consent and contesting. If the father does not want their child... Read More »

If you are 14 and pregnant and live in California do you need parental consent to move in with the father?

Yes, you cannot move out until you are 18 without parental permission.