Can a 16-year-old be forced to live with his father without the child's consent?

Answer Answer yes

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Can a 16-year-old choose to live with her aunt and uncle without her mother's consent?

Answer If your aunt and uncle really want you to live there because your mother is an "unfit mother" then they must go to court to fight for total custody of you. This is something you must discus... Read More »

If pregnant at 15 and the baby's father is a 36 year old carnival worker and wants to take care of his child can you move in with him without your parents consent?

You are a minor child in legal terms. Minor children must have parents consent to leave home. Just being pregnant does not change the existing laws to work in your favor ... the law is the law, no ... Read More »

If the father has moved out of the state and has not spent much time with the baby can the mother give custody to her parents if she gets in trouble with the law without the father knowing or consent?

Answer If the father is paying child support then he has some rights and if he doesn't and there is no court document then you don't have to comply to his wishes. However, if he is not living in a... Read More »

Is there any state where a 15-year-old girl can marry with one parent's consent or without needing consent at all?

%REPLIES% Answer Mississippi and in special cases Illinois. Also you can go to South Carolina. Answer Most states require the consent of only one parent. However, the following states require the ... Read More »