Can a 16 year old babysit her 10 year old brother overnight?

Answer This would vary from case to case. Based on things such as: how comfortable the parents feel about it, how mature the older sibling is, how mature the 10 year old is, and whether it is going to be ... Read More »

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Can an 18-year-old babysit children overnight?

Answer Yes! I'm 16 and I babysit 5 kids overnight every single weekend. Answer I was babysitting at 14 overnight. It depends on how mature the person is that is doing the babysitting. You ca... Read More »

Can an 11 year old take care of a 10 year old brother 6 year old sister and a 5 year old brother?

HI! I am also 11 year old. Well, you obviously can't take care of a 10 year old brother but you can take care of a 6 year old and 5 year old. Its a bit hard but if they are calm enough, its easy as... Read More »

It is legal for a 13 year old to babysit an 8 year old in Kentucky?

You have to be at least 4-foot 9" to ride in the front seat of car. (in missouri.)

Can a 13 year old babysit a three year old and one year old in Alabama?

A teen may be okay but it will be better with only one child to take care of. But if the one year old mostly sleeps it could be okay to take care of both.