Can a 15 year old decide where she lives?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer She can choose between her mother and father unless their is a specific reason she can't live with her father. She can't live with a friend. Answer You are a minor. No. You cannot... Read More »

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Could a 17-year-old mother who lives with her parents obtain sole custody if the 20-year-old father of the child has a criminal history and lives in an unstable environment?

Answer It is certainly possible.That being said, under the law an unmarried woman retains sole custody rights to a child unless a court rules otherwise.Custody, visitation, child support and other... Read More »

Can a 15 year old girl that lives in Ohio have children with a 20 year old man that lives in New York and not get him into trouble with the police?

No. Not only is sex going to be illegal, if he travels across state lines with her he could face Federal charges.

What age can a child decide who to live with if one of there parents lives in Wisconsin and the other in South Carolina if the child lives in Wisconsin?

The child will take turns from parent to parent. If one lives in Wisconsin then you can have great chese! If one lives in South Carolina you see beautiful sights!

At what age can a child decide who she lives with in Texas?

At age 18. in Texas any child is considered an adult at that age.