Can a 15-passenger van be used as a taxi?

Answer On One Hand: They can and they are.Most states in the United States define the 15-passenger van as the largest multipassenger vehicle you can drive without a commercial license. This means they mak... Read More »

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What are the benefits of Tourist permit vehicle ie a yellow licence plate vs private taxi ie white licence plate to a passenger in india?

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What kind of BMW was used in the movie"Taxi"with Queen Latifah?

Two BMWs were used in the movie "Taxi". The BMW that is seen through most of the movie is a 2002 BMW 760Li. The second BMW, only seen for a short time, is a 2002 BMW M3.References:Internet Movie Ca... Read More »

Can a 15-passenger van be used as a limo service?

It is very common for a 15-passenger van to be used as a limo service. People use 15-passenger vans for a variety of occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, proms and company functions.Sourc... Read More »

If a passenger in an auto accident owns a car but doesn't have PIP does the driver's PIP pay damages to the passenger?

Answer The driver or owner will be responsible for the passenger's injuries. The passenger's PIP or medical insurance MAY pay the expenses if the responsible party is not insured, but will sue to... Read More »