Can a 14yr old girl get pregnant the first time?

Answer Answer Yes, if she has had her period, then she can get pregnant at any time. I know many teens who didn't think they could get pregnant the first time, but they did. Please be responsible and use... Read More »

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Can A 14yr old Get Pregnant from 22Yr old boy Sperm?

Can a girl get pregnant after the first time of having sex?

YES.Absolutely YES, even if you pull out before the big moment, if she is standing up, laying down, in bed, in a car, she has a shower afterwards. NONE of these things, or any other old wives tails... Read More »

Is there a chance of getting pregnant if 1-it was your first time 2-he didn't ejaculate in the girl 3- he didn't put all his penis in the girl?

Yes you can get pregnant on your 1st time, pre-ejaculate can contain sperm, full insertion is not required. Any contact of pre-ejaculate with the moisture can lead to sperm making contact with an ... Read More »

When is the best time to have sex without condom without a girl getting pregnant?