Can a 14 year old be ordered to pay child support?

Answer I know for a fact in the United States NO! 14 isn't even an adult! - - - - - Once paternity is established child support can be ordered, even if the parent is a minor. However, support is based o... Read More »

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If you are ordered to court proceedings over child custody or support and ordered to bring tax returns for the last few years may one ask the Judge that you want a DNA test done for proof?

Answer Your best bet is that you go to court WITH a Family Law Attourney.He will know how to approach the subject with the Judge, very possibablly before you even get to Court. There are many  at... Read More »

If the father doesn't see his child does he still have to pay court ordered child support?

Can the father of the child be ordered to quit school to support his child?

What constitutes abandonment by a non custodial parent who has not paid court ordered child support nor seen the child in 5 years?