Can a 13 year old in NC choose to live with father in Ga?

Answer Don't take away anothers choice in life! It is Important for a child that age to have a choice in who they want to live with. They are old enogh to know what makes them happy in life and to deny th... Read More »

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Can a 16 year old in Texas choose to live with his single father if remarried mom has custody?

not a minor yes once your 16 or older you can make your own choice but you have to confirm it with the court first

Can your 16 year old daughter live with her biological father for one year even though you have sole custody and live in Canada?

AnswerI don't know your situation, but you can do anything as long as both parties agree. What I mean by both parties is mother and father. If mother and father agree, and the 16 year old wants to ... Read More »

Can a pregnant 15-year-old be emancipated if her father is abusive and will not allow her to live with the father of her baby?

Pregnancy And Emancipation A 15-year-old is not eligible for emancipation in any of the few states that have grounds and procedures for the act.If the minor needs assistance due to being in an abus... Read More »

If a 16-year-old lives in LA with mother and father lives in MS and they have joint custody with the mother being dominant can the child leave home to go live with the father legally?

Answer Where I come from, I believe so, yes. A 16 year old is old enough to decide which parent he or she wants to live with. If you just up and leave to go live with your father without telling yo... Read More »