Can a 1099 subcontractor have wages garnisheed?

Answer On One Hand: A Garnishment Order Can Be IssuedA garnishment order can be issued on a 1099 subcontractor, and the subcontractor will not have any exemptions, which means the entire check can be take... Read More »

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How to Garnish Wages of a Subcontractor in Kentucky?

When a debtor owes a creditor money in the state of Kentucky, the creditor has the option of suing the debtor in civil court and eventually being able to garnish the debtor's wages. When wages are ... Read More »

Does general contractor premium goes high how much even if he gives job to subcontractor if gc pays money to subcontractor from his account still it will be counted as sales?

Can your tax refund be garnisheed for a credit card judgment against you?

On One Hand: Tax Refunds Can Be GarnisheedA garnishment can be initiated by a credit card company against any asset or form of income, including a tax refund. Before the credit card company can gar... Read More »

How to Become a Subcontractor?

A subcontractor is their own boss. As such, how the project is completed and the method or methods used to accomplish the work he is contracted to perform is his choice. Here are some steps to help... Read More »