Can a 10 year old be left alone at anytime?

Answer No You have to be at least 13 to be left alone at home or babysitting but most people need a babysitting license.

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Should twelve year old be left alone all night when he feels very uncomfortable being alone?

No. Not providing appropriate care and supervision for a child constitutes child endangerment, the basis of the factors that can be used to declare a parent unfit. It is unsafe for a child of twelv... Read More »

Can a 4 year old be left home alone with a 12 year old in California?

i live in California i think and im 12 and i think that if a 12 year old stays with someone like a very young age your asking the 4 year olds parents can lost custody for the child even silbings un... Read More »

Can a twelve year old child be left alone with his eight year old brother in South Carolina legally?

actually no, the legal age you have to be in South Carolina to stay home alone is 18.

Can a 14 year old be left alone overnight?

lol 14? haha yes for sure unless they have like down syndrome or somthing