Can Your Employer Ask You Not to Cash Your Paycheck?

Answer A covenant is established when a person is hired by an employer. In simple terms, when your employer hands you a paycheck, he's handing you a contract that says you've done your work and you're goi... Read More »

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Can your employer cancel your health insurance when you are on short term or long term disability because you did not make a payment on your insurance like is normally done through your paycheck?

Your employer's obligation to pay premiums normally stops when your paycheck does, that is, when your medical and personal leave is exhausted, and there is nothing left to deduct the premiums with.... Read More »

If your employer has a 'non-owned auto' policy does it protect you while running business errands in your personal car or just protect the employer?

Answer Non-owned auto coverage protects your company in the event your company is sued as a result of an auto accident that you or one of the employees has in a personal vehicle while on company bu... Read More »

How Much of Your Monthly Paycheck Should Go to Your Mortgage?

One of the conveniences of Linux is the ability to create small portable installations of it that can be moved from computer to computer. Many Linux distributions can be made into LiveCDs that you ... Read More »

If you are receiving short-term disability income benefits and you decide to quit your job will you have to reimburse your employer for the percentage of your income you received during your leave?

NOT ONLY BAD QUESTION but ILLOGICAL - first you collect INSURANCE Benefits - not PAY (this money comes from insurance policy that you and/or employer pay into) - - You don't return any "insurance b... Read More »