Can Your Computer Crash if the Page You're Loading is VEEEEEEEEEERY Long?

Answer Yes.. depending how much RAM your computer has.

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Why does minecraft crash when loading a world?

1. Delete .minecraft folder in appdata (go to start -> run, type in %appdata%)2. Uninstall ALL editions of java you have installed3. Restart PC4. Download latest java5. Install6. Restart PC7. Downl... Read More »

How do you Crash Your Computer?

OOOH PICK ME PICK ME!! But, I am a lil confused ? Did you try a 'system restore'? Check out I have learned a LOTTA stuff in this magazine.

How to Crash Your Computer?

Do you have a bad computer that you want to ruin? Well then, follow these steps.

How to Crash Your Computer Using a Batch File?

For whatever reason, you may want to your computer to crash. Using a batch file to do so will not harm or cause irreparable damage to your computer like other methods. Instead, it will give your co... Read More »