Can You Switch From Petroleum-Based Oil to Synthetic Oil?

Answer Have you ever heard someone say that you shouldn't switch from conventional, or petroleum-based, motor oil to synthetic oil in your car's engine, or vice versa? Many myths surround changing between... Read More »

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How to Switch From Petroleum Oil to Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic motor oils provide a heightened lubrication action due to the synthesized molecular structure of the lubricant, as well as a more thorough cleansing action that removes carbon deposits an... Read More »

Is synthetic oil petroleum?

Synthetic oil comes from crude oil, or petroleum, just like conventional oil. The difference between conventional and synthetic oils is that synthetics have been chemically modified, or synthesized... Read More »

Synthetic Vs. Petroleum Motor Oil?

The use of synthetic oils in cars has grown because of their superior performance over petroleum-based oils in both low and high temperatures. Major differences between the two oils include molecul... Read More »

How do I Remove Petroleum Jelly Vaseline From Nylon Synthetic Clothing in the Laundry?

Vaseline petroleum jelly is a handy product that softens and moistens skin and, in a pinch, can even grease a squeaky or stiff mechanism. When petroleum jelly gets on nylon synthetic clothing the g... Read More »