Can You Swap a Hard Drive From One Computer to Another?

Answer When you buy a new computer, you most likely do not want to lose all the data from your old computer. You can easily reacquire data from your old computer by doing a "swap" of you old hard drive on... Read More »

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How to Stop Hackers From Getting to My Hard Drive From Another Computer Online?

Hackers will attack your computer and place viruses, malware and spam onto your hard drive if they are able. Also, hackers can use your computer to harm others or as a download site for illegal mov... Read More »

Can i take parts from one computer (processor, hard drive, etc) and put them in another to make it run faster?

Hard-drives should be no problem, RAM is another story. It all depends on the make and model of each PC.If they are both DELL, then you can do a bit of research to find out what the two types of R... Read More »

Adding Another Hard Drive to Your Computer?

Saving all of your photos, movies and MP3 files to your hard drive has one serious drawback--they are space hogs. These files can quickly fill up an 80GB hard drive leaving little room for your app... Read More »

How to Install XP on a Hard Drive and Put it Into Another Computer?

Installing Windows XP to a hard drive and swapping it into a different machine can cause problems, as Windows XP is tied to the hardware setup of the original computer upon which it is installed. T... Read More »